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Fabulous Feathers - Press Release

Fabulous Feathers is a supplement formulated to provide an
exact proportion of feather-enhancing nutrients: Biotin and Fatty
Acids. Biotin is critical for maintaining good health in humans as
well as animals. In fact all animals need biotin. Biotin is a water
soluble, one of the B-Vitamins, long identified as the essential
nutrient for healthy feathers and talons. The high quality flax seed
meal supply the fatty acids in Fabulous Feathers. These nutrients
work together to make birds, and young birds healthy and beautiful.
The wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals complement the action
of biotin and fatty acids. Along with all different animal species,
birds need a proper balance of Biotin, fats and water. Nutrition in
birds is a commonly neglected element in owning a bird pet. Poor
nutrition could be a source of many health problems. Proper nutrition
will help birds thrive and flourish, and bird’s entire health depends on
how well it is fed. A higher level of Biotin seems to be specifically
important in a breeding situation and during the molting period.
Birds that are extremely young, injured, laying eggs or raising young,
need the proper balance of supplements. Fabulous Feathers gives
birds a wide spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals, and is sought
after by bird owners everywhere. Birds love Fabulous Feathers and
eat it readily. Fabulous Feathers can be sprinkled on a slice of orange
or apple or put directly in the feeding cup.