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Nickers International
is a leader in three interrelated markets:

Nutritional supplements for horses, pets and people.
John Owens, the former president of the company,
was raised on a horse ranch in Oklahoma.

Once an outrider at Devon, he owns and rides show horses and dressage horses, and has won many ribbons at horse shows throughout the country. Realizing that his own horses had special nutritional needs, he created Gen-A-Horse (originally Gen-A-Hoof) and other vitamin supplements to enhance their health and performance.

In 1981 he introduced them to the public.
They were an immediate success and continue to be in great demand.
John Owens wants to continue his legacy in nutritional supplementation, and decided to transfer Nickers and its great products to one of his longtime friend and an employee.
Check out The Story of Leo the horse that prompted us to create Gen-A-Horse.
Soon, horse owners in growing numbers began to feed Nickers' supplements to their dogs.
This led to the development of Bio-Coat (originally Itch-Ex),
a vitamin supplement for dogs and cats.
Subsequently, pet owners, noting the rapid and remarkable
improvement in their pets' skin and in the regeneration of their hair and coat,

asked if they could use these supplements themselves!
Nickerson International, our division producing nutritional supplements for people,
has responded to that demand with Fabulous Hair, Skin & Nails.
Based upon the same nutritional principles as our pet and equine products,
Fabulous Hair, Skin & Nails
will produce visible results - thicker, longer hair,
healthier skin and longer, stronger fingernails - in just 90 days!

Mission Statement
Nickers International is dedicated to promoting and maintaining the health,
vitality and longevity of people, their horses and pets,
by providing products of the highest quality, using only the purest ingredients,
with no animal by-products, artificial flavors or colors.

Nickers International
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