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  • I learned about your product Bio-coat while attending a Pet Expo in NJ several years back. I was given a free sample and my dogs at the time took to it very well. Just this past September, after losing one of my beloved chihuahuas, I adopted a new little guy, Mickey the chihuahua, from the Delaware County SPCA. Mickey was truly a mess - hot spots, bad flea infestation that caused most of his hair to fall out from his neck to his tail, and an area around his neck that had to be sutured because his skin had grown over his collar (he came from a bad situation where his previous owners left him tied to a fence to die).  Just looking at him made me cry because of all he was left to deal with. When I brought him to my mother's she was afraid to touch him for fear of hurting him because he had no hair. I still had the free bottle of Bio-Coat that I got as a sample and did a Google search to purchase. I began to give him the teaspoon a day regimen at the end of Sept and by the beginning of November, his hair had completely come in!! It was beautiful, thick and so super soft. I also began to give it to my other two chihuahuas - one of which has limited hair due to having diabetes and even she started to grow softer hair where she had been bald before!! I truly thank Nickers for this amazing product. It has helped my little guy so very much and I am truly thankful to having gotten the sample and saving it. I will continue to purchase this for years to come!!                                                                                   Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                      Angela Marchetti (Bailey, Rockey, Mickey)                                                                                                           Blue Bell, PA (January 24th, 2014)
  • Hello, Recently I purchased some of your products for my pets and I am very pleased with the results. I have been using the Bio Coat for some time on my little dog who had very coarse hair but no allergies or such problems. He did have a problem with constipation and since I have ordered and started giving him a scoop of the pet laxative every day in addition to the biotin that is also resolved. His hair coat is so unbelievably soft and smooth I can't stop petting him! Its absolutely luxurious feeling now! Even the veterinarian who sees him once a month noted the improvement in his hair coat. He is an older fellow who has weak hind legs and I presume this is from arthritis but he then started having a very hard time passing his stool, I guess his entire hind end is weak, and seeing him straining and pushing so hard with very little and sometimes no results I felt I would try the gentlest laxative I could get for him, one that could not have stimulants and the nickers pet laxative [Gentle Lax-A-Pet] fit the requirements. I wouldn't give him any thing with stimulants fearing that would add stomach cramps to his discomforts. He now has a bowl movement every day with no pushing or other discomforts and seems much happier in this regard too. To watch this little dog play with his young cat friend/sibling does my heart good! His joy is evident and the improvement in how he can move and jump around when playing with her is remarkable. I have nothing but praise for your products and they have all worked much faster than I ever would have anticipated. ..........I have already ordered another bottle of the bio coat for my own cats and dog and I also ordered a bottle for my sisters dog Leo a yellow Labrador retriever who is chewing his feet without end. I think the Biocoat will really help him too. I just want others pets to have the benefit like mine did when I found out about your products! Thank you very much and please keep making those wonderful quality of life improving supplements forever!
          AJ Hubeny  (Windsor Ct, February 20th, 2011)

  • I have four dogs and one cat....Biocoat does amazing things to their coats! I feed them high quality food and vitamins, but nothing compares to this product. And, they LOVE it! Although it doesn't claim to be a flea repellent, I believe it does, with five animals a flea infestation could happen easily, but not while using this product. Highly recommend!
           Akron, OH. (December 10th, 2010)

  • I received a sample of BioCoat at the 'meet the breed' pet show this past summer in nyc. My smooth coat dachshund had a terrible itching/scratching problem especially on his four paws. I started him on weekly baths and sprays of medaluca oil. It didn't work. His doctor said it was just a dry coat and gave him an oatmeal conditioning spray. It really didn't help him either. When I started giving him the BioCoat I noticed the difference. It took about 4 weeks but it worked. He's down to scratching about once a week. I'm hoping it will be completely stamped out within the next month, if not, one  2 minute episode a week is tolerable. My dachshund and I are glad I found BioCoat.

      Toni Panico
      nyc--dec 9 2010


  •  Hello
    I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart..My poor
    little Chihuahua Coco Chanel, suffered ...I would always see her
    nibbling at her front paws...I brought her to 3 different Vets..
    One said it was a nervous disorder , One didn't know and the other
    gave me a cream thinking it was just an irritation...Nothing helped
    When you gave me a sample of the Bio Coat, I took it thinking it
    wouldn't help...However, I did try it, and just 3 days later I'm yet
    to see her nibbling at her paws..

    Thank you so much
    Blanche Montgomery (NYC October 19th, 2010)



  • I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with using Bio-Coat for our dog. Teddy has had problems biting and scratching every morning since he was 8 weeks old. I've changed his diet numerous times and limited his intake of corn, wheat, etc. With adding Bio-Coat to his food for a little over a week, he has stopped scratching and biting! Wonderful.
    Karen Spruill
    Orlando, FL


  • Hi, After seeing your web site I had to tell you my story.........or should I say Kilo's story. Kilo was my first Austrian Cattle Dog............I loved her to death. She was about 3 years old when she started with allergies. Kilo was allergic to everything...........including herself !!!!!!! The vet I was using at the time made up a serum to give her. That meant 2 shots a week. This went on for 2 years with minimal results. Kilo would rub her back against the chain link fencing until her back bled. She couldn't be petted ..........this would send her into spasms. I was seriously thinking of having her put to sleep...............she was just so miserable. This was NOT an easy decision to make. While meeting with some friends one afternoon..........Kilo's problems came up, my friend asked if I had tired "Itch Ex" (Nickers' product Bio-Coat).........I had no idea what she was talking about. Well.........long story short, Susan gave me her bottle of "Itch Ex" (Bio-Coat) and Kilo was started on the product. I was hopeful but, not looking for anything great to happen. In 2 weeks new hair was growing ( Did I mention her hair coat was like broom straw ) her skin was healing ....the redness gone AND I COULD PET HER !!!!!!!!!!!!. Kilo stayed on "Itch Ex" (Bio-Coat) the rest of her life. Kilo became a American Champion, had a herding title and an obedience title as well as a Canine Good Citizen title. I was able to breed her 2 times. The result of those breeding were more Champions. My Kilo passed away on Aug. 10, 2000 at the age of almost 15, her birthday ......Sept. 8, 1985. I'm sending you a picture of Kilo as well. Thank you for your products !!!!!!!!! I might add my miniature horses are on Gen-A-Coat.
    Monika Klinefelter
    Finksburg, MD, USA - 04/08, at 23:54:37




  • Have used Gen-a-coat for 3 yrs on my two palominos. Unbelievable color and shine results on ANY shade palomino.Summer coats have a shimmering "metallic fabric" look and winter coats are downy and soft like baby chicks.Can't say enough.
    Amy Swinghammer <[email protected]>
    Tx USA - 04/10, at 15:56:47


  • I had a black lab years ago, the vet thought she was allergic to fleas. We would bathe her weekly with special shampoo, with no improvement. Then i was reading my horse magazine one day and saw in big letters on the page "Does your dog itch?" I kept reading. I showed that to my mom, we ordered a jar of Itch-Ex for my dog. Not long after feeding that to her, her coat got better and she didn't itch any more, no more bathing! Thanks for such a great product, I am considering Gen A Horse for both my horses now.
    Laura <[email protected]>
    arlington, wa USA - 09/06, at 10:49:09
  • I have a mutt who has suffered from terrible skin allergies for years with no relief. She was miserable. The vets have tried steroids, special foods and more expensive tests. After 2 weeks on the Bio-Coat the itching stopped and the hair grew back. She is a happy dog!!
    Terri <[email protected]>
    Anza, CA USA - 08/20, at 20:20:40


  • My two cats (very finiky!) just love Bio-Coat. They like it better than any treats and eat it right of my hand. Their coats are beautiful, exactly like you say - "show quality". I feed them Vite-E-Pet, too, because they sure need antioxidants and I want them to live long, healthy life. So, thank you for those wonderful products!
    Kris <[email protected]>
    USA - 06/12, at 11:01:10



  • An order of your Gen-A-Horse is on it's way. I look forward to trying this product. My thoroughbred/sport horse mare has had problem hooves all her life. She has been on just straight Biotin and it seems to have helped. Your product with the added supplements should continue to do wonders for her. I'll keep you informed on her progress.
    Rosanna Leeman <[email protected]>
    Kitchener, On Canada - 05/02, at 16:38:25



  • I received the pkg of 6 bottles of SPRINKLES. Puffy was sooooooooooo glad. He sniffed the box, and immediately started licking it, even before it was opened. After I opened it, I held out one of the bottles, and he just licked and licked. I threw it on the floor, and he played and licked. SO I then put some in his food dish - need I say more?!?!? Thanks for a great product.
    Judith Green
    Hamburg, ny USA - 01/18, at 13:20:03


  • My 12 year Arabian gelding founder Oct.15th 2001. I went online to find out about founder. somewhere on here it said to feed BIOTIN AND ZINC METHIONE. I order a 10 week supply. I can not believe how good it is. I'm riding him now, he is doing great. You would never know that he founder. His coat is so shinny too. Saw on the jar your webpage and just order 20 week supply. I don't want to run out. Think I will give some to my dogs to. Thanks for such a fantastic product. Jackie Hunt
    Jackie hunt <[email protected]>
    nags head, n.c USA - 12/23, at 22:29:50



  • Heard about your Fabulous Hair and Nails from a friend who talked to a woman who went from wearing a hairpiece to regaining her own hair. Word of mouth works every time. I have ordered your product and wait for it with great anticipation, especially bcause at the tender age of 67, I have dryskin, thining hair and craking peeling nails. I will let you know how successful I am with your product.
    karen woll <[email protected]>
    alexandria, va USA - 06/30, at 05:24:43




    maria cruz <[email protected]>
    LA, CA USA - 04/23, at 14:10:41



  • First of all I have a sister who is on dialysis and she has lost majority of her hair during the treatment. Secondly, I have severely dry skin and hair. My hair will grows but then it'll start breaking. For the last 4 weeks we both started taking a Biotin vitamin supplement but I am always looking for something better that's going to work in our behalf. I have already called and left a message so I'll be looking for your brochure in the mail...soon! Thanks, Ms D.
    D Swan <[email protected]>
    Frisco, TX USA - 03/31, at 16:50:16



  • Your Bio-coat is the most wonderful product. A friend of mine had a dog that had lost her hair and was covered with scabs from scratching so much. She also had a horrible smell. He had her to the vet many times in order to get some relief for her and nothing was working. We saw your product Itch-ex in a catalog. He ordered it. After about a month her hair started coming back and the skin healed. She regained her full thick coat and quit scratching. She smells much better too. That dog is now 9 years old and she was on the Bio-coat(Itch-ex) for about two years when she was a young dog. She has a beautiful coat and has not had any more problems. Thanks so much.
    Darla Costa <[email protected]>
    Virginia Beach, VA USA - 10/20, at 09:00:31



  • I just wanted to let you know, that your horse products are great!! I have been using Gen-a-Coat on my quarter horse gelding due to his mane being so short. Now his mane is about 4 inches long and still growing. It's great to see him finally growing some hair (ha!) Even his forelock is growing, instead of looking like a fuzz ball. I am letting all my friends know. After all when you find a product that works and that has no harmful things in it. the best thing to do is to pass it on. God Bless and Thanks
    Joan Chant <[email protected]>
    Palm Harbor, FL USA - 10/10, at 18:58:57



  • I came to your site in search of "Sprinkles" for my cat. I am planning to replace her ProPlan diet with healthy home-made vegetarian kibble, and I'm hoping "Sprinkles" will ease the transition. I learned of "Sprinkles" in Ingrid Newkirk's (Founder of PETA) fabulous book, "250 Things You Can Do to Make Your Cat Adore You." Hoping to become a repeat customer -- Thanks!
    Kimberlee Ward <[email protected]>
    Raleigh, NC USA - 05/19, at 09:18:23


  • I used Gen-A-Horse years ago for a two year old that had terrible feet. It is the most fantastic product I ever used. His feed grew and widdened out. This product is no longer sold in Canada which is a loss for Canadians. I recently purchased a new stallion that has brittle feet due to his never being turned out. His feet are narrow and crack easily. I plan to purchase more of this remarkable product as soon as I can.
    Susan Garrioch <[email protected]>
    Almonte, Ontario, canada - 05/14, at 19:41:20


  • Back in my college days, when my friends and I lived on Ramen, Tombstone pizzas and popcorn, a woman in my dorm introduced us to nutritional yeast (to sprinkle on popcorn). We were addicts of the stuff within a week. I haven't had it since then, but found your site tonight and thought I'd pick up some. I'm looking forward to seeing if it's as good on popcorn as I remember . . .
    John Gasbarre <[email protected]>
    Vinalhaven Island, ME USA - 05/14, at 00:48:20


  • I feed my palomino gen a coat. his coat always looks great and i get many compliments at the palomino shows on how great his "coat color" is as compared to other horses. thanks gen a coat. we have got a bunch of points thanks to you!
    pam seymore <[email protected]>
    etters, pa USA - 05/03, at 08:09:11



  • Thanks for having a site that incluses animals and people. I think I found a product for my poor old cat - she is 18 human years old. She'll feel better with nutritional help. Sincerely, C. Robinson
    Charlene Robinson <[email protected]>
    Jackson, ms USA - 03/10, at 09:56:20




  • Found your site from Yahoo looking for Biotin. I Have had trouble finding a Biotin supplement that my 20 year old foundered horse likes - I'll try yours. Keeping shoes on him for more than few days at a time is a nightmare. Right now I'm using an EasyBoot to protect his bad foot. Also wanted much more than just 100 mg/pound which is what other Biotin supplements have. I'm anxious to see the results.
    Katherine Shaffer <[email protected]>
    Hartford City, In USA - 07/06, at 10:02:39




  • In January of 1999, I began marketing a product for the Equine Industry. As it directly competes with one of the Nicker's products, I won't advertise it here. I did need to fill out my product line to present to stores, and I knew that Nickers' philosophy of natural, quality concentrated products was what I needed to match my ideals, principles, and ethics. I studied the products and COMPARED THE LABELS with dozens of other brands. I was astounded to learn that we were spending hundreds of dollars more, per year, per horse, for buckets of useless filler. More importantly, I began giving our 2 half-arabs; Gen-A-Horse, Gen-A-Coat, and Gen-A-Vite. I needed to see results if I was going to represent these products to my friends and to the local feed and grain stores. (We all know the horse community grapevine can be very opinionated and quick to judge). My friends, I am so happy with the results that we see, and the comments that we are getting from other horse owners, our farrier, and our Veterinarian that I am absolutley giddy. Our farrier offered these comments. "Both of these horses have excellent hooves. What are you doing different?" Our Vet made this comment. " That biotin supplement you were telling me about sure is working well. These horses look great. No scruff, no dandruff, and Andy hasn't rubbed her mane off this winter. You didn't spray these horses with show sheen have you?" (No, I just quickly brushed them before you came here Dr.Ira). Our "girls" look great and feel great. Thank you NICKERS for these wonderful products. I am proud to represent such a great Company to West Michigan. And by the way; our 27 year old Welsh-Arab pony still does 7 miles of trail in under one hour.
    Tom Hamilton <[email protected]>
    Grand Haven, MI USA - 04/01, at 18:36:30


  • My 11 year old Labrador/Gt Dane mix has arthritis plus an under performing thryroid. I can't remember when I started using Bio-Coat but it has been a number of years. His arthritis worsened about a year ago so I took him to the vet. She recommended that I increase his does from one capfull twice a day to three capfuls twice a day. But no change in buffered aspirin - two 325 m.g. tablets in the morning. Well, he rebounded in about a month and has been running and playing just like his old self ever since. Now the problem is I'm getting older and he is getting younger! Similarly my 11 year beagle developed skin cysts that seep and bled. I began her on a daily dose of 1 capfull of Bio-coat. The existing cysts healed markedly and within several months no longer seeped or bled. While a cyst does form from time to time it never advances beyond a small spongy pebble under the skin. Thank you for Bio-Coat.
    Deborah Barman <[email protected]>
    Worthington, OH USA - 03/08, at 09:36:35



  • Started using Gen-A-Horse last year. My horse was driving the farrier crazy, weak hooves and couldn't hold a shoe. We let him go barefoot out of desperation - "Give him 3 months and see if there is any hoof to nail to!". Within 6 wks we got a shoe on and it held!! Within 3 months tha farrier said it was the best he had ever seen his feet. After that he even went 9 wks between resets, before I had to rest every 4 wks. Ran out of product last week while trying to find a local vendor. Reordered thru VAlley Vet. Yesterday, I noticed the hoof was breaking and he had stepped on a nail and the shoe was loose after only 4 wks after shoeing! Thank goodness the product arrived today!!
    Karla <[email protected]>
    OR USA - 02/13, at 21:36:56


  • In 1987 I was reading one of my horse magazines and I came across an ad for a product that said it could help dogs with their itchy skin, dull coats & weak hindquarters. Well, my husband & I had a handsome male Golden Retriever named Magnum. Magnum definitely had "weak hindquarters". At first I looked at the ad with my first thought being...who could believe such a thing - that there was a product that could stop a dog from itching like crazy and give him strong hindquarters too! Too strange...and on top of that the product was named "Itch-Ex". My next thought was.... What if it worked?! At that very time my husband & I had become a bit concerned about Magnum's "weak hindquarters" - he was a young dog about 7 mos old. Our Vet didn't have any solution but agreed maybe increasing feed for more strength while increasing exercise at the same time. So we had Magnum on a regimen of exercise about 3 times a day to run him up and down the stairs to the 2nd floor in our house. We quickly realized we were out of shape and figured....Great!...this will help us while we are helping Magnum at the same time. Nothing changed in his hindquarters though we continued to run up & down the stairs hoping for improvement. So, we decided to buy the Itch-Ex and see what happened. Once we got it we stopped all exercise - no more running up & down the stairs over and over again - we wanted to see what the Itch-Ex would do on its own. Within 5 days Magnum showed a tremendous change in his hindquarters - he had a strength he had never had before - even we thought it seemed too soon but it was Very apparent - the improvement was remarkable. Within a few weeks it wasn't even an issue anymore. Over the years I have had many, many successes with my own animals over the last 12 years and those of others where I demanded friends try it for their animals too. last story...I'll make it quick. Shortly after Magnum's success I was at our vet's practice one day when he happened to mention that they had a young West Highland White Terrier - named "Nellie" - that had been given up by her owners and left with the Veterinarian. They said they wanted a dog for the family and she was only a Huge expense and a Problem and the Vet could put her to sleep or whatever he wanted to do because they decided enough was enough. The story was Nellie had severe eczema that caused her to rip out all but a few hairs of her coat which then left her draining and bleeding and covered with scabs and from there she would rip off her skin. They spent what they considered beyond a fortune and for what was only a losing battle. Steroids, antibiotics, special ointments, special bathing, creams, salves, tranquilizers, nothing was working!! The Vet showed me this little pathetic pup and said that he was going to give her 15-30 more days but was quite sure he would "have to put her down" because no matter what he did she remained this unsolvable case even with consulting Universities & other Vets. I asked him that if I donated a bottle of Itch-Ex would he give it to her in a manner that I would note down for him??? He said he had nothing to lose but did not expect any change.....but sure..he'd give it to her. Within a week she showed Dramatic Improvement!!! In 30-45 days she was off to a new home with one of the staff who worked at the hospital without any further eczema problem. called incredible product it truly is. Thanks for all you've done and keep doing.
    Barbara Letterese <[email protected]>
    Fort Lauderdale, FL USA - 01/21, at 02:00:31




  • Nice website,I love you products,and I Find that a little Genacoat over my Frosted Flakes does wonders for My Coat!!
    Kasadore Ramkissoon
    NY, SI USA - 12/29, at 03:12:42



  • I did use your product - genahorse. I must say that the results in our mare's hooves were simply surprising. Our vet, who happens to be a very well informed young doctor, credits the fast results - and the growth of new hooves - to the good use of your product. The amount of biotin in it surpasses any other I have seen. Congratulations.
    Romeu-Sergio Osorio <[email protected]>
    Sao Paulo, SP Brasil - 09/23, at 14:16:42


  • We have used BIO-COAT for 5 years for our dogs and it stopped the paw and tail bitting and licking within a few days. We will always use this GREAT product as long as you continue to make it. Thanks!
    K. Brooks <[email protected]>
    Dallas,Texas, USA - 06/09, at 12:41:52


  • I'm 20 and I learn to shoe horses. Biotin is an essential adjunction to provide to horses with bad hoofs that do not grow enough to renew the place where the nails come out. I found your site really interesting ...
    joëlle <[email protected]>
    Dion-Valmont, brussel Belgium - 04/19, at 11:22:26


  • I've been using your Biotin product for about 5 months (4 scoops a day) as one of the nutritional supplements which I began, to try to reverse the effects of diabetic neuropathy (numbness and tingling in my feet). The other evening I was standing b y a table where three girls of high school or college age were selling cookies for a charitable cause. As I was talking to them, one of them suddenly said to me, "You have beautiful skin!" I was completely astounded and realized it must be a result of the Biotin. I'm 77 years old and have never had anyone comment on my skin before. I thought you would appreciate hearing this testimonial, which I offer gratefully.
    C. Russell Parker <[email protected]>
    Seattle, WA USA - 03/21, at 02:44:36


    CARRIE VACULIK <[email protected]>
    CLERMONT, FL USA - 03/16, at 08:03:42


  • I'll be reordering Fabulous Hair, Skin & Nails. It works.
    SUSAN <[email protected]>
    USA - 03/12, at 10:19:45

  • Fabulous Hair, Skin and Nails definately improved the strength of my nails and made my hair thicker. I'll be reordering.
    Susan <luna@epix. net>
    USA - 03/12, at 10:15:53

  • I have thicker hair and stronger nails thanks to Fabulous Hair, Skin and Nails. This product definately worked for me.
    Susan <[email protected]>
    USA - 03/12, at 10:12:14

    MT. PLEASANT, MI USA - 03/04, at 09:15:17
  • I need some information on goats. My goat seems to be having problems with her hooves, so it makes it difficult walking. Do you carry books on goats and rabbit health? Thank you
    Kym Jennings <[email protected]>
    Lawrenceville, GA USA - 02/21, at 19:51:38


  • Have used Itch-X (now BioCoat) 3yrs ago and it did Wonders for my Cocker Spaniel's coat and stopped the itching. Thank you for such a Great product!
    Andrea Waytena <[email protected]>
    Dallas, TX USA - 01/16, at 14:09:31


  • Ever since I started my persian cat on Bio-Coat his fur has been softer and shinier. I love the results! Also, my friends horse just loves your new product, Gen-A-Treat apples and carrots for horses! Great values for great products.
    Tara <[email protected]>
    ny USA - 11/12, at 21:45:23


  • My wife and I breed,show and and love our Labrador Retreivers and Aerdale Terr. We use Bio-Coat. Yoy have been very friendly and most helpful. Thank you. Barbara & Joe
    Joe Fastiggi <[email protected]>
    Hamburg, NJ USA - 09/29, at 14:04:04


  • I am a farrier, always interested in the health of not only the hooves but the entire body, found your website to be helpful regarding new products available.
    Robert Buck <JJJorgen>
    Phoenix, AZ USA - 06/13, at 19:23:19

  • I've seen how Gen-A-Coat works and I plan on using some myself.
    CoolDallas <>
    Mokena, IL USA - 06/07, at 21:03:59

  • absolutely love Gen-A-Coat! Others comment on how beautifully our horses have shed their winter coats and their horses still have a "dull" look/Thanks for such a wonderful products
    Felicia Franklin <[email protected]>
    Chesapeake, va USA - 04/23, at 07:59:49

  • have been using your products for years and I love them!! Thank you for being so friendly and helpful every time I call.
    Athena O'Brien <[email protected]>
    Woodland Park, CO USA - 04/02, at 18:26:14


  • Thank your for answering my questions today. I appreciate the fact that you knew about your product. I'm looking forward to receiving the information about gen-a-horse. P.S. I've order a 20 week supply from Valley Vet.
    Lucille Temple <[email protected]>
    Barrington, NH USA - 03/25, at 14:47:37


  • I order the horse supplies for our AGWAY store in Bridgehampton, NY and we love your Gen-A-Coat and Gentle-Lax products. We'll be ordering more very soon, along with your other quality products.
    William A. Thomas <[email protected]>
    Sag Harbor, NY USA - 12/20, at 18:56:02

  • Thanks for sending out my second order of Bio-Coat so quickly. My little Princess also thanks you. She has stopped all that scratching and her hair is growing back so nicely. Her appetite is better also. My whole family thanks you.
    Linda Palmer <[email protected]>
    West Hills, CA USA - 12/04, at 11:53:59



  • I began feeding Bio-Coat to one of my cats, whose coat was losing its color and shine. In less than one week(!), her color was as vibrant as ever. For over a year, all three of my cats have been eating Bio-Coat every day. They love the taste -- As soon as I open the jar they come running! They all have bright, shiny coats. Thanks Nickers!
    Mark Stevens
    Los Angeles, CA USA - 12/03, at 10:36:29