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Nickers International

*Above terms applicable to shipments within the United States.

Leader in Nutr
itional Supplements since 1984

Great Products for Horses, Pets & People

Nutritional Supplements for Horses, Pets and People with a special focus on biotin and antioxidants.

All Natural, 100% vegetarian. No animal testing.
Made in USA

Pet Products

Vitamin Supplements to keep your pets in good health, looking their best and living long, happy lives.

All our supplements are natural, nutritious, 100 percent vegetarian and completely safe.

We only use the best ingredients available on the market,

from manufacturers known and respected for highest standards of quality.

Our grooming product for dogs and cats, Plush, is also completely natural,

made of best ingredients and is enriched with nutrients.

Equine Products

Vitamin Supplements, addressing vitally important aspects of the horse’s health and appearance,

like hooves, coat, mane and tail. All our vitamins and supplements are highly palatable,

easy to mix with feed-stuff. Perfectly safe for all horses, natural and nutritious.

Made with the best ingredients available on the market, from top manufacturers in the country.

Our dry shampoo for horses, Radiance, is really dry, safe and natural,

made with vegetable fibers, enriched with nutrients.

Human Products

Nickerson International supplements are nutritious, rejuvenating, extremely helpful for keeping hair,

skin and nails in perfect condition.

Completely safe, totally natural and vegetarian. Our household product, All Fresh,

is an excellent odor eliminator with many uses.